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Music has guided Piper across every stepping stone of her life.  After leaving college in the winter of 2016, music brought Piper all over Europe, expanding her mind and repertoire, allowing her to make amazing connections with folks all over the world and eventually guiding her to Sam Phillips Recording studio. Piper has always been able to find beauty in every day things along her unique path of life which has helped her write moving and grooving songs.



While she pulls inspiration from many things, Piper finds that human connection is her greatest source of creativity.  Her album "Vagablonde"  travels through feelings of love, betrayal, promiscuity, comfort and compassion.  She writes from personal experiences and whether it's about good times or bad, Piper's songs are her way of telling the story of her journey.



Piper's sound encompasses a foot tapping, sly, and sultry combination of soul, rock and roll, jazz, and blues.  She continuously searches for music with a little extra "swampiness" as she has her whole life.  Growing up in a small beach town in Southern California definitely shaped her music, but Piper loves the gritty sounds that were born in places like Memphis and New Orleans. With this she has created a sound she likes to call "astro-soul".

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